#progressis #oldphone @ghostexecutive - Raising Money through Twitterlanthropy

Help out a hometown girl!!!

Michele Lorito-Chase, known as @ghostexecutive on Twitter, has been selected as one of the top ten finalists in the Audi 2011 Twitter Contest.

Audi began the contest, by inviting contestants to tweet answers to the question: “How do you define progress?”

Lorito-Chase, who calls Southwest Florida home, answered the call with the following tweet: “When a good idea becomes a building block for a better one. That’s what #ProgressIs - http://audi.us/ProgressIs

Now that she’s been chosen as a finalist, Lorito-Chase has the opportunity to win $25,000 for charity by creating as much noise as she can around her winning tweet…and all of her friends are helping.

If you’d like to help her, too — sign into your Twitter account - http://www.twitter.com - and tweet the following sentence:

“Help @ghostexecutive win $25k for charity from Audi in defining that #progressis upgrading from an #oldphone. Please RT”